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“Ellen Novack taught me at the Yale School of Drama. She coached me and put me on tape for my first audition for Twelve Years a Slave, the job that changed my life. This book, the next best thing to working with Ellen in person, will demystify on-camera auditions for you and position you for successful auditioning.”

Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar winner forĀ 12 Years a Slave

After teaching on-camera auditioning for a few decades, I decided to write a book about what I teach. Taming the Cyclops gives you everything you need to do your best work in an on-camera audition from the moment you get your audition sides until after you leave the audition room. It’s also full of tips on how to successfully and happily live the life of an actor. Allison Williams, my former student and star of Girls and Get Out, wrote a wonderful foreword for the book.

I purposely made it short by leaving out filler, so that it would be easy to read and carry with you, and, most important, affordable.

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