Actors are expected to do their best work in auditions, but it is the audition situation in which it is hardest to do good work.  Nerves, distractions and the unpredictability of the situation conspire to undermine your performance.  I created my On-Camera Audition Class so that you can do your best work in auditions and show directors and casting directors what you are truly capable of, on-camera and off. This class is for those of you who are trained and/or experienced actors and is often taken by experienced theater actors who want to audition as successfully on camera as they do for theater. The class is 4 three hour sessions over a two week period. I take a maximum of 8 students per class, so you get lots of personal attention and time on camera. The cost is $485 for the four sessions. I teach these classes whenever I have time, usually about once a month.

Contact Me

If you’re interested in taking this class, send me your email, phone, and where you’ve trained, plus a few of your more recent credits. I’ll contact you by email around a few weeks before the new class begins, and, if the schedule works for you, you can contact me and send a deposit to hold a space. Email:

What Students Have Said…

I just wanted to thank you for the past few weeks! It amazing how much you can learn in such a short amount of time! I feel like I had a huge breakthrough today and I want to thank you for all of your wisdom and guidance!“- Daniel Walton “You are so articulate and efficient in your note-giving, shedding a different light on things I had heard other places and offering new tools I had never heard before.”Adam Maggio “I appreciate the new skills you have given me from your class. My auditions not only notably improved, but I’ve now apparently caught the creators’ eye of Grey’s Anatomy thanks to an audition tape last week. I know it’s only because of you!” Sara Chase “I just wanted to thank you again for all your help & the wonderful class. I had a great time & left feeling a sense of accomplishment. I know now, for the most part, what is expected of me, what I can/can’t do, & how to properly approach a film audition. It’s a little more comforting having a detailed approach to a role/audition. Thank you!”  – Anthony Giordano